Time to Focus

While I managed to juggle two sports last year being able to compete in both ultra trail running and adventure racing to a very high standard I have decided it is time to focus on one. Although I love adventure racing and there is nothing quite like getting to the finish line with a team who have shared your journey through extreme environments, it is when I am running freely through the mountains which makes me content.

While I have the opportunity to soon run for my country and later in the year to compete in the UTMB my early season has been geared towards doing the best I can at these events. I had hoped to once again go to the Adventure Race World Champs this year in Brazil in November but I sadly have not made the team this year. The last few days I have been weighing up this decision and it is always hard to give up something you love doing. I have decided it is time to invest all my effort into ultra running to see what I can achieve over the next few years and to run some iconic races around the world.

I have decided it is time to leave Team Adidas Terrex and wish them well in their future races. I would like to thank the team’s sponsors for all their support in helping the team achieve on a world stage. I really enjoyed racing with the team at the highest level and thank you for the opportunity.

With an ending comes a new exciting opportunity to focus on one sport rather than spread my resources too thinly.

My ultra season looks something like this

  • 30th May – IAU World Trail Championships, Annecy, France
  • 27th June – Ultimate Trails 110km, The Lake District
  • 28th August – UTMB, Chamonix, France
  • 10th October – Lakes in a Day, Lake District
  • 24/25th October – OMM

2016 ?????


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